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2L Custom Trucks is the most aggressive re-marketer of hauler-style trucks in the world. Wayland Long has been directly responsible for countless, pre-owned vehicle transactions spanning his 20 year career. With the increased internet business model, 2L has been increasing its pre-owned presence and has become "the place" to buy a pre-owned hauler and Wayland Long has become "the guy" to call. A spotless business reputation & history, a keen eye & total understanding for the application of the product, and the willingness to "wholesale direct to the public" has made 2L the leader in pre-owned hauler transactions.

Now, for the first time ever, 2L is going to offer a limited number of nation-wide and Canadian customers the opportunity to "list" their vehicles and trailers on our website for sale. We understand the drawing power of our website, and the buying power of our website visitors and, after 20 years, we are going to sell ad space on this section of our website. The vehicles will be "personally" screened by Wayland Long and not all vehicles will be allowed to list here. Talk is cheap, you all know 2L's history, and the kinds of numbers Wayland has moved. This is your chance to tap into his selling power, allowing you to directly represent your vehicles to his clientele. The numbers do not lie. And you are privy to Wayland's personal guidance. Please call Wayland direct for more info @ 817 594 4333. He will personally handle all listings. Your listing will also be included with his personal inventory on horsetrailerworld.com, workingtruckworld.com, and ebaymotors.com.
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